Friday, June 22, 2012

After WCQ

Yes I scrub in TOP16 .While some players can say top 16 is good , losing in top 16 is just like losing in the 1st round .You still don't get the ticket to Worlds .

Made a few bad choices for my sidedeck (I was playing inzektors)

Scarecrow and Maxx C are bullshit .

Enuf said .

There were issues that happened in WCQ but it is best not to disclose to the public .

All I can say was it was a fair tournament and a well deserved winner was chosen to represent Malaysia .

Monday, June 11, 2012


Yes my mind is fucking tired

2 Professional exams  this Tuesday and Wednesday.Its fucking life and death.

Been studying 1-2 hours just on rulings .

Cant decide between Ninja Hieratic and Inzektors.Feng Sui (Year of dragon ) tells me use Ninja Hieratics , hearts and brains tells me Inzektors .

If Inzektors cant decide between Card Car D, Trooper or Inzektor Sword Build.

Fuck this shit . I QUIT !

Perfect Herald  all the way bitch .