Sunday, March 31, 2013

ACQ 2013

Deck Used : Incarnate Dragons

R1:Polar Gods

R2:Chaos Dragons

R3:Firefist 3Axis

R4:Firefist 3Axis
Sudden Death


R6:Incarnate Dragons
Sudden Death

R7:Incarnate Dragons
Sudden Death.

Zack defeated me in Top 8 with Lava Golem .Congrats to him , the last game was pretty one sided in his favour as he had answers to all my plays and had access to all 4 different dragons earlier than me .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Malaysia ACQ

Brace yourself ,

It is gonna be a big baddass bloodbath  after Round 1 and 2 .

Why ?

Most of the good players I know dont even bother about seeds any longer .Lets face it ,I found it quite a waste of time and money to go Gamer Arena week in week out to play qualifiers unless you qualify in the first attempt.

And whats next ,you play 2 rounds and you there in TOP 32 ?

Lastly , the format is shit .Bye

Monday, March 4, 2013

Breaking News:Student gets raped.

I am back blogging after being raped everyday .I am seriously depressed and totally demoralised to play Asia Championship Qualifiers in 3 weeks time .

Last 2 weeks .
I got raped badly by Prophecy .

Last week.
I got raped badly by FireFist(Chicken) build

This week
I got raped badly by 4E.Dragons.

Fuck this shit.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Armor Kappa broken

First seeded qualifiers I joined for Asia

Deck used :Verz

Round 1 00
Chaos Dragon
G1: Ophion ate ryko , Ophion 2 ate ryko , random beatdown with thunderbird.
G2: Ophion and solemn judgement = game

Round 2 00
G1 :Turn one rabbit into Ophion
G2: Ophion on my first turn

Round 3 00
G1 : Ophion bitch slap.
G2 : He swarmed early, I destroyed whole field with dark hole and heavy storm .One thunderbird handled 8000LP.

Finals XX
G1 : Kappa bitch.
G2 : Royal decree and double kappa .FML .

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Penang Open 2012

Too lazy to write my Asia +Championship Day 2 and 3

Deck Used : Verz

Round 1 Laval

Round 2 Verz (Wei Yan/Versusmmgal)

Round 3 Windup

Round 4 Verz

Top 4 Weird Heroes

I no money to own a Stardust Dragon therefore I lost in TOP 4 because I was a pro to play starlight road without Stardust Dragon .

Moral of the story : Never watch football while making your deck .

I will jump from Verz to Sacred cause I saw the weakness of Verz after analyzing 6th Testsu Championship .
The answer is quite obvious in J-Speed's deck .

According to Dicky , I just received a whooping 40+ points for ranking based on this tournament .

Bye .


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Asia Championships Day 1

Day 1
Hi guys this is the untold version of the Asia Plus  Championships 2012 ,different from High Level Gaming blog and from my point of view .

Met Zack and his little dog at the KL Sentral where we took our train to KLIA Airport .Ate KFC and MCD for breakfast and studied for my exams while Shahmir was playtesting against Zack's minion .Boarded the plane at 1255pm , and the meal was terrible in the plane .I had some childhood fantasy hoping the air stewards were smoking hot but that obviously didn't come true  =(

Arrived at 5pm and the weather was perfectly fine to me , not too cold ,not too hot . Took a cab to the hotel which cost $250HKD and the taxi driver was no different the ones you will find in Malaysia  , driving like a mad fella .

Checked in our room and went out to eat some badass wan tan noodles with PORK .Couldn't get in touch with Bixuan and the rest , so we decided to walk around .With Zack , you tend to get lost .Moral of the story , never let Zack lead the way .

So we arrived back at the hotel and met the Taiwanese players .None of them speaks english so FML .Thank god for Zack , he was officially appointed as Manager of the Taiwan team and helped us communicate .The first thing the Taiwanese asked 'Do you know Sam?' .Little do they know Sam is my idol .The first thing we asked the Taiwanese 'Do you have Asia cards?' (Typical of us)

Then I managed to contact the Singapore team and invited them into our room for our lemon party.The Singaporeans  invited the Philiphines team over and our room became so crowded .Cards were flying , Cash were flying , men underwears were flying .This is what you get when you have 11 men and a boy (William Oh) in a room . I suggested us to do the human centipede or human pyramid ,naked but no one was up for it  =(

Jeff managed to contact me through facebook and his timing could not have been better .Basically he gave me advice on playing against mermails which I really needed it and I really need thank him for that as it brought my team into the semifinals as I will speak about it in detail next time .We went off to Burger King and we were dead tired after that .Zack slept with me .Shahmir with Wesley .Johan the loner .Bixuan with William cause Bixuan is a pedophile . That pretty much sums up my Day 1 .
I wasn't in this picture as I was obviously too hot for it and my looks will just make them look bad .Yes I went back hotel and studied like a nerd and slept at 3.30am .

Quotes of the day.

'We sold Zack to the Taiwan Team'

'Korean team thinks they are Super Junior with all the weird dressing'

'Singapore team insignificant.No threat '

'Sohai '

'Wesley is shorter than Andrew' Ouch.I believe my ears heard that .

'Shahmir eat pork please'

'Ching Chong Ting Tong Ching Chong Fan '- I dont know what the Taiwanese were saying.

Stay tuned for day 2 where the real fun and jokes begins .

Friday, November 30, 2012

Last update before Asia +

I swear to god I will quit yugioh if I meet


in all my swiss round games.