Sunday, March 31, 2013

ACQ 2013

Deck Used : Incarnate Dragons

R1:Polar Gods

R2:Chaos Dragons

R3:Firefist 3Axis

R4:Firefist 3Axis
Sudden Death


R6:Incarnate Dragons
Sudden Death

R7:Incarnate Dragons
Sudden Death.

Zack defeated me in Top 8 with Lava Golem .Congrats to him , the last game was pretty one sided in his favour as he had answers to all my plays and had access to all 4 different dragons earlier than me .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Malaysia ACQ

Brace yourself ,

It is gonna be a big baddass bloodbath  after Round 1 and 2 .

Why ?

Most of the good players I know dont even bother about seeds any longer .Lets face it ,I found it quite a waste of time and money to go Gamer Arena week in week out to play qualifiers unless you qualify in the first attempt.

And whats next ,you play 2 rounds and you there in TOP 32 ?

Lastly , the format is shit .Bye

Monday, March 4, 2013

Breaking News:Student gets raped.

I am back blogging after being raped everyday .I am seriously depressed and totally demoralised to play Asia Championship Qualifiers in 3 weeks time .

Last 2 weeks .
I got raped badly by Prophecy .

Last week.
I got raped badly by FireFist(Chicken) build

This week
I got raped badly by 4E.Dragons.

Fuck this shit.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Armor Kappa broken

First seeded qualifiers I joined for Asia

Deck used :Verz

Round 1 00
Chaos Dragon
G1: Ophion ate ryko , Ophion 2 ate ryko , random beatdown with thunderbird.
G2: Ophion and solemn judgement = game

Round 2 00
G1 :Turn one rabbit into Ophion
G2: Ophion on my first turn

Round 3 00
G1 : Ophion bitch slap.
G2 : He swarmed early, I destroyed whole field with dark hole and heavy storm .One thunderbird handled 8000LP.

Finals XX
G1 : Kappa bitch.
G2 : Royal decree and double kappa .FML .