Monday, July 30, 2012

Team Tourney Qualifier

Team MateYourMama (Team MYM , those pro dota players will know MYM(MeetYourMakers))

Leader :Teoh Zhen Pei (Six Sam)
Player A: Shahmir TalkCock Roshidi (Chaos Dragons)
Player B: Me ( Gravekeepers)

Round 1: Inzektors
Game 1: His backrow vs my backrow .He wasted lots of resources killing Sin Stardust .Open skill drain and gameover. Royal Tribute  changed the momentum of the game.
Game 2 : My GK spy ate fiendish chain .My GK Commandant ate fiendish chain .Exceed both of them and ate the 3rd fiendish chain ? There was a total of 3 fiendish one the field .Overlaid Utopia Ray and keep pushing for game .

Round 2: DW
Game 1 : GK never beats DW
Game 2 : GK never beats DW

Round 3 :Machina Gadget
Game 1: He negated first turn royal tribute with solemn judgement .He push with 2 Machina Fortress and limiter removal .If that tribute wasn't negated it would have hit 5 monsters!
Game 2: Open skill drain , his gadgets cried .I attempted  to royal tribute on turn 3 , ate a Dark Bribe .Won through beatdown .
Game 3: Open skill drain ate dark bribe , open 2nd skill drain gadgets cried again. Black horn of heaven killed his only chance of hope which was Machina Fortress.

Finals : Bitchy Grapha Army .
Game 1: GK never beats DW.I had a royal tribute ,starlight road and wonder wand which was the 3 cards I never wanted to see in my hand .
Game 2: Sided in two Asia English Darklord Silva .He open dark world dealing , I showed him Silva and it was GG.
Game 3: Drew a hand full of magic and traps .Set all because I dont want to see any random Dragged Down to Grave .He activated dark world dealing out of the blue,and I drew Silva and discarded it .That was the sickest TOP DECK ever in my life.

Gravekeepers was a good meta call.Capable of bringing down any deck except retarded bullshit DarkWorld .
Kyde from Digital Mortal has promised to use GK if I win the DW in the finals .


So we are through .

Goodbye Yugioh readers till Tourguide comes out in OCG .

Off to studies .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun + Troll = GoodGame

Malaysia players will sure know whose deck this belongs too .No one plays it better than Alan Looi .I dont have the exact decklist but I am pretty sure this works too .

1.Get your D.Fissure or Macro Cosmos first.
2.Protect your D.Fissure and Macro with Dark Bribes and Starlight Roads.(Stardust missing in Extra)
3.Stall the game with Messenger of Peace or Limit Area B
4.Beat down with D.D.Survivor or Scout Plane .
5.Dont't feel like it ? Proceed into exceeding Gachi Gachi or Maestroke to stall maximum.
6.Feel like torturing your opponent? Open Soul Absorption and wait for time out .100% Your lifepoint is like 10 k higher .
7.Chill and relax while your opponent do the thinking without realising we're going into sudden death .
8.Needle worm and necroface are used to thin down opponent's deck. Mill away your opponent's heavy storm or any key cards and it is gameover.
9.Everyone knows Necroface and Gold Box combo=)
10.Torrential Tribute just to tell your opponent 'Hey Bro ,gave up yet?'
11.In case any of your stall cards are destroyed by random MSTs , Scarecrow is here to save the day .Read and do no.3 again .'Mad Bro?'
12.Paint your nails .
13.Pretend to think .Take 5 minutes per turn .Set one card , end phase .Timeout =GoodGame.
14.Observe how everyone is leaving the arena waiting for the next round ,while you are still playing .
15.Summoner monk is there just to pull out D.D survivor .Trust me sounds stupid,but D.D Survivor is the boss in the deck.
16.Your opponent has given up.Say Sorry to him at least .
17.If you lose ,tell your opponent 'You just beat my fun deck' to make yourself feel good =)

This is just a troll /fun deck but it was used by Alan Looi to knock out many good players .The decklist above includes Promos ,so just imagine how this guy used this without any .This deck was at its peak during the Tele Dad and Lightlord era .

Thats all for now .

*I wrote this because I was bored =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hand Advantage

Nationals is over .Top shop has already started .Team Tourney Qualifiers is starting on Sunday .Team Tourney is obviously my favourite tournament of the year because I love playing in a team .There is so much strategy and thinking to do and that is what excites me .You can't just go into a team tourney just like that .There are so many staples needed to be allocated to your teammates depending on who is using ,what deck he using ,who are his opponents,bla bla bla . Example 1,you can't pass all copies of torrential tribute and dark hole to one player while the other two players don't have any field reset-er .That will totally make no sense .Well last year's defeat was painful enough ,losing to the champions ease the pain a bit though .Yes I can really remember it well being locked down by a Six Samurai Shien and 2 Copies of solemn warning and 1 copy of Solemn Judgement ready to say Hello in game 3 =) Oh well thats Yugioh.

Anyway back to the topic , hand advantage .There is just so much to say about it .Well in recent nationals I piloted Inzektors over Chaos Dragons and Hieratics was basically I thought it was the best deck that suited my play style .Once the combo starts running , inzektors' hand advantage was too hard to resist .I hated Hieratics because you tend to end up wasting your whole hand on a plan to OTK which may or may not even work and you can hardly recover from it .Well , you can save a set of cards in your hand for another set for OTK Part 2 but how many turns will that take you to draw them ?  Chaos Dragons would have eaten you by turn 2.

Chaos Dragons easily one of the best deck at the moment ? That is what I thought before and one week after Nationals. After testing them for weeks now , saw too many loophole in the deck which made me turn my attention to something else. One thing is for sure ,Chaos Dragons eats average Inzektor players .

As for Inzektors ,is still my favourite deck but I am beginning to get piss with it in a certain way. Inzektor mirror matches sucks big time .It is nowhere close to Blackfeathers mirrors or Gladiator Beast mirrors where skills matters more.You can end up drawing retarded hornet and gruf without centipide and damsel to start off the whole engine while your opponents gets those cheat cards like Mind Control and bla bla . I remember Alex Yeo telling me after my nationals match defeat that Inzektors was like playing Poker . LOL .You need two pair of cards to start the game going .Even though you get a power card like Ace , you still need a 10,or a power card like Jack ,Queen and King to get a blackjack.If you don't understand what I mean , ask Alex as he explained it better .

So what am I gonna run ? Obviously Dino Rabbit once Extra Pack is out but for now Offering-Gadgets are just too hard to resist . I will never forget the day Baha rape my Blackfeathers with his Machina Gadgets 3 years ago when Jurong East was alive  .I felt I played very well that day but I really died badly to gadget's hand advantage and also it was Baha running them =.= .

Yesterday I spend around 4 hours watching Japanese players using Offering-Machina Gadgets in those 200+players tournaments on youtube .I really have to say some Japanese are faggots taking sometimes 8 minutes to summon a Green Gadget .Well that's probably why they are best in the game at the moment . I saw this player called Waka and he played like 2 Raigeki breaks early game and was still having so many cards in hand because once gadgets starts farming , they are fat . Another reason I love gadgets at the moment is because luck does not play a huge factor .Well I don't recall drawing 5 gadgets (Touch wood) but starting hands are always way better than inzektors somehow .All you need is just to draw a single gadget out of the possible 9 pieces and everything is smooth .(Please ignore Veiler and other shit).Starting hand draw 6 cards , leaving 34 cards in your deck and 3 pot of dualities to search 1 out of the 9 copies ? How is that not consistant ?

Anyway going off to study my Financial Reporting now .I feel so pumped up to play a competitive match after watching the Japs play on youtube =)

Last but not least ,Shahmir's Chaos Dragons lost to my retarded Gladiator Beast 1-4 on Duel Network .hahahah.I still can't stop laughing .3 Safe Zone FTW !

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dream team

If you haven't heard yet about the Japanese East Nationals , Chariot with Offering Gadgets went top 2 .

I have been a big fan of Chariot for a long time .He is a great deck builder and you often see his name topping .

The other guy is who is representing East Japan was using Hero Arrive or Bubblebeat .

You can know all the news from Satoshi Kato facebook.

Neeway , Japan is going to be a tough nut to crack with Chariot inside .

Top shop and team tourney qualifiers have already started in Malaysia .Dont ask me why so early.