Sunday, December 30, 2012

Penang Open 2012

Too lazy to write my Asia +Championship Day 2 and 3

Deck Used : Verz

Round 1 Laval

Round 2 Verz (Wei Yan/Versusmmgal)

Round 3 Windup

Round 4 Verz

Top 4 Weird Heroes

I no money to own a Stardust Dragon therefore I lost in TOP 4 because I was a pro to play starlight road without Stardust Dragon .

Moral of the story : Never watch football while making your deck .

I will jump from Verz to Sacred cause I saw the weakness of Verz after analyzing 6th Testsu Championship .
The answer is quite obvious in J-Speed's deck .

According to Dicky , I just received a whooping 40+ points for ranking based on this tournament .

Bye .


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Asia Championships Day 1

Day 1
Hi guys this is the untold version of the Asia Plus  Championships 2012 ,different from High Level Gaming blog and from my point of view .

Met Zack and his little dog at the KL Sentral where we took our train to KLIA Airport .Ate KFC and MCD for breakfast and studied for my exams while Shahmir was playtesting against Zack's minion .Boarded the plane at 1255pm , and the meal was terrible in the plane .I had some childhood fantasy hoping the air stewards were smoking hot but that obviously didn't come true  =(

Arrived at 5pm and the weather was perfectly fine to me , not too cold ,not too hot . Took a cab to the hotel which cost $250HKD and the taxi driver was no different the ones you will find in Malaysia  , driving like a mad fella .

Checked in our room and went out to eat some badass wan tan noodles with PORK .Couldn't get in touch with Bixuan and the rest , so we decided to walk around .With Zack , you tend to get lost .Moral of the story , never let Zack lead the way .

So we arrived back at the hotel and met the Taiwanese players .None of them speaks english so FML .Thank god for Zack , he was officially appointed as Manager of the Taiwan team and helped us communicate .The first thing the Taiwanese asked 'Do you know Sam?' .Little do they know Sam is my idol .The first thing we asked the Taiwanese 'Do you have Asia cards?' (Typical of us)

Then I managed to contact the Singapore team and invited them into our room for our lemon party.The Singaporeans  invited the Philiphines team over and our room became so crowded .Cards were flying , Cash were flying , men underwears were flying .This is what you get when you have 11 men and a boy (William Oh) in a room . I suggested us to do the human centipede or human pyramid ,naked but no one was up for it  =(

Jeff managed to contact me through facebook and his timing could not have been better .Basically he gave me advice on playing against mermails which I really needed it and I really need thank him for that as it brought my team into the semifinals as I will speak about it in detail next time .We went off to Burger King and we were dead tired after that .Zack slept with me .Shahmir with Wesley .Johan the loner .Bixuan with William cause Bixuan is a pedophile . That pretty much sums up my Day 1 .
I wasn't in this picture as I was obviously too hot for it and my looks will just make them look bad .Yes I went back hotel and studied like a nerd and slept at 3.30am .

Quotes of the day.

'We sold Zack to the Taiwan Team'

'Korean team thinks they are Super Junior with all the weird dressing'

'Singapore team insignificant.No threat '

'Sohai '

'Wesley is shorter than Andrew' Ouch.I believe my ears heard that .

'Shahmir eat pork please'

'Ching Chong Ting Tong Ching Chong Fan '- I dont know what the Taiwanese were saying.

Stay tuned for day 2 where the real fun and jokes begins .

Friday, November 30, 2012

Last update before Asia +

I swear to god I will quit yugioh if I meet


in all my swiss round games.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top Shop Report

Had a slot given to me but I decided not to go cause

Topshop is a waste of time .


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where is Hong Kong?

 It is Meet Your Malaysians. Gosh .

Can you guys don't think so dirty like seriously? Why whould I wanna mate your mama ?(Coming from the guy who created the team)

Basically in top 16,
  1. Team Dark Night - Soo Wing Soon , Ong Teck Jen , Shin Weng Ken 
  2. Team MYM - Zack Teoh , Shahmir Roshidi , Andrew Ng  
  3. Team skyPier - Vilry Mun , Chin Ka Fui , Ng Wai Loong
  4. Team Dark Stallion - Sean Cheong , Muhammad Izzat , K'yde Ren
  5. Team TFK Kaki - Mohd Aliff, Masrur Nazim, Azrul Mustafa
  6. Team CAN - Choong Zhuo Liong, Allen Chiew, Lee Siao Sian 
  7. Team GQ - Lim Guo Quan, Yap Choon Zian, Sunny Tat 

  8. Team MY - Tan Sung Lee, Yap Wei Keong, Chen Yau Sin
were paired with the top 8 qualified from swiss round on the day with No.1 from above playing against No.1 from the swiss. Therefore the lower teams basically had easier matchups. Therefore with us being paired with No.2 team from swiss , kick off our day with a hard pairing .

Leader:Zack ( Mermail)
A: Me(Hero Beat)
B:Sohai ( Wind -Up)

TOP 16 : Countdown
 G1:Spatial collapse caught me offguard which made it hard for me to shock ruler .After 20turns ,FML
 G2:Early shockruler naming magic since naming traps is useless.Pulled a Exacalibur and Miracle Fusion into shinning and pushed for game .
 G3:Night shoot here and there .Had 2 Heroes on the field and pulled Stratos from grave destroying 2 facedown at his endphase .Entered sudden death , he had 3800 LP and I had 7000.Shahmir and Zack had already won their matches .Basically that game, I was winning anyway .

Team Score -3-0

TOP 8 : Rabbit Laggia
G1 : He open Laggia with 2 backrows.I saw my opening hand with Super Poly in hand .The moment he saw I played with Emergancy Call ,he knew this is gonna a bad matchup for him .Did a Nova and kept hitting him .He summoned an Acid Golem and got rid of my Nova eventually .Eventually I summoned Gorz and stall from there with a 3000 def token .2000 BURN !
G2 : He drew 2 puppet plant with a cosmos and d fissure .Fail .

Team Score - 2-1

In top 4 , leaders went up to pick 1 out of 4 cards where teams with same cards will play each other to avoid ANY SHIT CONTROVERSY  WHICH HAPPENED IN THE PAST and to encourage FAIR PLAY !

TOP 4 : Dark World
0X -Discontinued
G1: Easy control
G2 : Dark Smog bitching my grave .Managed to push but Grapha army proved too powerful with luck.
G3: Both team mates won .

TOP 2: Hero Beat
Stack is the word. I have put in so much effort in this deck to know I would not start a hand with no monsters and to go on from there not drawing any monsters for 7 turns later. My hero beat has a higher monster count as compared to other players and I often draw too many monsters in  my hand which was my problem before the tournament .How is it possible in game 2 , I reduce more traps for additional monsters and not drawing any of them ? Bad Luck ? Am I being a sore loser? Yes maybe but karma just hit you and


Other than that , players behind me were making fucking shit noises behind .This is the sickening part .There was a point I was just gonna mindfuck my opponent with a silly move and yet tricky one and someone goes 'What a bad hand Andrew has ' in Cantonese. He totally destroyed any mind games tricks I could have possibly done .

I was told never to interfere with anything I saw being played wrongly in tournaments if you are a watcher .So why were there players interfering my match ? My opponent was clearly ok with it till that guy stepped in. I have respected your match in the past and I suggest you do the same to mine .

So how did I prepare for this event ?
1) Trip to Singapore made a big difference
2) Constantly playing team deck on dueling network. Fuck your rating .Which is more important? Rating vs Nationals?
3) Hand shuffle everyday cause it makes my hand card more awesome.
4) Sleep early but with Shahmir's snoring , it is deemed impossible.
5) Help from Singapore friends.
6) Do not read TCG articles cause they are playing very retarded-ly at the moment .


Jeff , I shall not add anything here cause he will fuck me up =(
Team KOI - Bixuan and I are gonna spend some quality moments together in HK .Lemon Party in HK (Those who don't know lemon party , please google it out)
Mike being my punching bag with hero beat mirrors.
Team Ragnarok (DN Team)-Coolchemist , Roniwan and Vic !
Karlo from Phili .
Yung Kang for taking all sorts of meta decks to play with me and he ended up playing hero on the main event.
Joshua for being a retarded judge and wasting space on the main event .
Sam for being Sam and my idol .
You for reading my retarded post and for reading up to here .

Last but not least, this is my final post for the year and possibly forever .I lost interest in blogging as I see no reason to blog too.


Hand shuffling does not make your hand cards better !

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Congrats to Sazabi's team on winning SG Asia Plus .






F.M.L. Its time to exercise my fat rescue rabbit.

If my team scrub , I will delete my team mates Zack and Amir off from facebook =)

Yes that serious .

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Went to Singapore .Got pawned like a fucking dog.The match wasn't that bad but in game 3 , dog was the best term I felt at the moment . Trust me , Singaporeans are totally a whole different level .

That was really an eye opener .So many stuff and combo I saw.
 1) Malaysia's mermail fail. I have never saw any of us using them the way SG does.
 2) We have not seen any top hero beat player in MAS since Wong Fei Hung .That was fucking long ago .
 3) Bringing promo back ? We have not played promo since 2009 .Oh yes 3years TKR was stuck in album.

Made lots of money selling junk and Singapore cards are no longer cheaper than Malaysia and in fact they are more expensive than ours .

Looking at Baha and Xiam Mei's hero beat rarity , I think you could actually masturbate to it  .Goodness.

Tired to write anymore .Too much happened in Singapore after we left Marymount .The shit that happened could even be made into a movie like Hangover 3.I arrived home as in Johor from Singapore at 4am .Just imagine how much shit happened from 11 pm to 4am .

Thanks to the guys for the warm welcome especially Wesley Seek and co. Congrats to Sazabi team for winning =)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The mega awesome superb intensive harcore training

If all goes well this 14th September 2012, I will heading down to Singapore , the mother of all asia ocg land with my noob partner in crime Amir and a bunch of friends .The main purpose is to have a look at Singapore 's meta and their amazing pro techs they have . Hopefully it will benefit us in our upcoming team tournament this October .

Amir and me have been working day and night training a variety of techs to a point I have the Dueling Network intro music ringing in my head when I sleep . We have our decks ready but I feel neither of us are anywhere near Singapore standard at the moment .

Joining Singapore tournament is going to be a challenge for both of us as it is like taking a Kancil to race with 20 plus Nissan Skylines .LOL. Forgot to mention , my friend needs a staircase to emo at when he scrubs and thank god the staircases in Dhoby Ghaut are fucking huge.

I can't wait to meet everyone there such as my GODS ,SAM and JEFF ! I never got a chance to witness Jeff 's divine hero beat in action = (partly I am not worthy to play against such divine decks.

I am going sign off now .ICAEW exams this Monday and Tuesday.

Ciao. Can anyone  lend me Dolkka for tournament ? =)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Realised I did not update my blog links since 2008.

Made many additions .There are a lot of japanese blogs I haven't included .Too tired to search all of them at the moment.

Other news , everytime I check singapore tournaments results,all I see is

1st: : Sam (Secret/Ultra M7)


Monday, August 20, 2012

I just came to say Hello

Ok for those wondering why isn't my name in the TOP SHOP list YET ,it is because

1) I attended NONE of the qualifiers .Therefore , there is no Tourney Report for me to write.

2) I don't have the time.

3) Top Shop is not my priority

4) Asia team tourney is the real deal .

5) Lastly , I was smart enough not to get trolled by ........( You will understand this sentence when the announcement is made)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Team Tourney Qualifier

Team MateYourMama (Team MYM , those pro dota players will know MYM(MeetYourMakers))

Leader :Teoh Zhen Pei (Six Sam)
Player A: Shahmir TalkCock Roshidi (Chaos Dragons)
Player B: Me ( Gravekeepers)

Round 1: Inzektors
Game 1: His backrow vs my backrow .He wasted lots of resources killing Sin Stardust .Open skill drain and gameover. Royal Tribute  changed the momentum of the game.
Game 2 : My GK spy ate fiendish chain .My GK Commandant ate fiendish chain .Exceed both of them and ate the 3rd fiendish chain ? There was a total of 3 fiendish one the field .Overlaid Utopia Ray and keep pushing for game .

Round 2: DW
Game 1 : GK never beats DW
Game 2 : GK never beats DW

Round 3 :Machina Gadget
Game 1: He negated first turn royal tribute with solemn judgement .He push with 2 Machina Fortress and limiter removal .If that tribute wasn't negated it would have hit 5 monsters!
Game 2: Open skill drain , his gadgets cried .I attempted  to royal tribute on turn 3 , ate a Dark Bribe .Won through beatdown .
Game 3: Open skill drain ate dark bribe , open 2nd skill drain gadgets cried again. Black horn of heaven killed his only chance of hope which was Machina Fortress.

Finals : Bitchy Grapha Army .
Game 1: GK never beats DW.I had a royal tribute ,starlight road and wonder wand which was the 3 cards I never wanted to see in my hand .
Game 2: Sided in two Asia English Darklord Silva .He open dark world dealing , I showed him Silva and it was GG.
Game 3: Drew a hand full of magic and traps .Set all because I dont want to see any random Dragged Down to Grave .He activated dark world dealing out of the blue,and I drew Silva and discarded it .That was the sickest TOP DECK ever in my life.

Gravekeepers was a good meta call.Capable of bringing down any deck except retarded bullshit DarkWorld .
Kyde from Digital Mortal has promised to use GK if I win the DW in the finals .


So we are through .

Goodbye Yugioh readers till Tourguide comes out in OCG .

Off to studies .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun + Troll = GoodGame

Malaysia players will sure know whose deck this belongs too .No one plays it better than Alan Looi .I dont have the exact decklist but I am pretty sure this works too .

1.Get your D.Fissure or Macro Cosmos first.
2.Protect your D.Fissure and Macro with Dark Bribes and Starlight Roads.(Stardust missing in Extra)
3.Stall the game with Messenger of Peace or Limit Area B
4.Beat down with D.D.Survivor or Scout Plane .
5.Dont't feel like it ? Proceed into exceeding Gachi Gachi or Maestroke to stall maximum.
6.Feel like torturing your opponent? Open Soul Absorption and wait for time out .100% Your lifepoint is like 10 k higher .
7.Chill and relax while your opponent do the thinking without realising we're going into sudden death .
8.Needle worm and necroface are used to thin down opponent's deck. Mill away your opponent's heavy storm or any key cards and it is gameover.
9.Everyone knows Necroface and Gold Box combo=)
10.Torrential Tribute just to tell your opponent 'Hey Bro ,gave up yet?'
11.In case any of your stall cards are destroyed by random MSTs , Scarecrow is here to save the day .Read and do no.3 again .'Mad Bro?'
12.Paint your nails .
13.Pretend to think .Take 5 minutes per turn .Set one card , end phase .Timeout =GoodGame.
14.Observe how everyone is leaving the arena waiting for the next round ,while you are still playing .
15.Summoner monk is there just to pull out D.D survivor .Trust me sounds stupid,but D.D Survivor is the boss in the deck.
16.Your opponent has given up.Say Sorry to him at least .
17.If you lose ,tell your opponent 'You just beat my fun deck' to make yourself feel good =)

This is just a troll /fun deck but it was used by Alan Looi to knock out many good players .The decklist above includes Promos ,so just imagine how this guy used this without any .This deck was at its peak during the Tele Dad and Lightlord era .

Thats all for now .

*I wrote this because I was bored =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hand Advantage

Nationals is over .Top shop has already started .Team Tourney Qualifiers is starting on Sunday .Team Tourney is obviously my favourite tournament of the year because I love playing in a team .There is so much strategy and thinking to do and that is what excites me .You can't just go into a team tourney just like that .There are so many staples needed to be allocated to your teammates depending on who is using ,what deck he using ,who are his opponents,bla bla bla . Example 1,you can't pass all copies of torrential tribute and dark hole to one player while the other two players don't have any field reset-er .That will totally make no sense .Well last year's defeat was painful enough ,losing to the champions ease the pain a bit though .Yes I can really remember it well being locked down by a Six Samurai Shien and 2 Copies of solemn warning and 1 copy of Solemn Judgement ready to say Hello in game 3 =) Oh well thats Yugioh.

Anyway back to the topic , hand advantage .There is just so much to say about it .Well in recent nationals I piloted Inzektors over Chaos Dragons and Hieratics was basically I thought it was the best deck that suited my play style .Once the combo starts running , inzektors' hand advantage was too hard to resist .I hated Hieratics because you tend to end up wasting your whole hand on a plan to OTK which may or may not even work and you can hardly recover from it .Well , you can save a set of cards in your hand for another set for OTK Part 2 but how many turns will that take you to draw them ?  Chaos Dragons would have eaten you by turn 2.

Chaos Dragons easily one of the best deck at the moment ? That is what I thought before and one week after Nationals. After testing them for weeks now , saw too many loophole in the deck which made me turn my attention to something else. One thing is for sure ,Chaos Dragons eats average Inzektor players .

As for Inzektors ,is still my favourite deck but I am beginning to get piss with it in a certain way. Inzektor mirror matches sucks big time .It is nowhere close to Blackfeathers mirrors or Gladiator Beast mirrors where skills matters more.You can end up drawing retarded hornet and gruf without centipide and damsel to start off the whole engine while your opponents gets those cheat cards like Mind Control and bla bla . I remember Alex Yeo telling me after my nationals match defeat that Inzektors was like playing Poker . LOL .You need two pair of cards to start the game going .Even though you get a power card like Ace , you still need a 10,or a power card like Jack ,Queen and King to get a blackjack.If you don't understand what I mean , ask Alex as he explained it better .

So what am I gonna run ? Obviously Dino Rabbit once Extra Pack is out but for now Offering-Gadgets are just too hard to resist . I will never forget the day Baha rape my Blackfeathers with his Machina Gadgets 3 years ago when Jurong East was alive  .I felt I played very well that day but I really died badly to gadget's hand advantage and also it was Baha running them =.= .

Yesterday I spend around 4 hours watching Japanese players using Offering-Machina Gadgets in those 200+players tournaments on youtube .I really have to say some Japanese are faggots taking sometimes 8 minutes to summon a Green Gadget .Well that's probably why they are best in the game at the moment . I saw this player called Waka and he played like 2 Raigeki breaks early game and was still having so many cards in hand because once gadgets starts farming , they are fat . Another reason I love gadgets at the moment is because luck does not play a huge factor .Well I don't recall drawing 5 gadgets (Touch wood) but starting hands are always way better than inzektors somehow .All you need is just to draw a single gadget out of the possible 9 pieces and everything is smooth .(Please ignore Veiler and other shit).Starting hand draw 6 cards , leaving 34 cards in your deck and 3 pot of dualities to search 1 out of the 9 copies ? How is that not consistant ?

Anyway going off to study my Financial Reporting now .I feel so pumped up to play a competitive match after watching the Japs play on youtube =)

Last but not least ,Shahmir's Chaos Dragons lost to my retarded Gladiator Beast 1-4 on Duel Network .hahahah.I still can't stop laughing .3 Safe Zone FTW !

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dream team

If you haven't heard yet about the Japanese East Nationals , Chariot with Offering Gadgets went top 2 .

I have been a big fan of Chariot for a long time .He is a great deck builder and you often see his name topping .

The other guy is who is representing East Japan was using Hero Arrive or Bubblebeat .

You can know all the news from Satoshi Kato facebook.

Neeway , Japan is going to be a tough nut to crack with Chariot inside .

Top shop and team tourney qualifiers have already started in Malaysia .Dont ask me why so early.

Friday, June 22, 2012

After WCQ

Yes I scrub in TOP16 .While some players can say top 16 is good , losing in top 16 is just like losing in the 1st round .You still don't get the ticket to Worlds .

Made a few bad choices for my sidedeck (I was playing inzektors)

Scarecrow and Maxx C are bullshit .

Enuf said .

There were issues that happened in WCQ but it is best not to disclose to the public .

All I can say was it was a fair tournament and a well deserved winner was chosen to represent Malaysia .

Monday, June 11, 2012


Yes my mind is fucking tired

2 Professional exams  this Tuesday and Wednesday.Its fucking life and death.

Been studying 1-2 hours just on rulings .

Cant decide between Ninja Hieratic and Inzektors.Feng Sui (Year of dragon ) tells me use Ninja Hieratics , hearts and brains tells me Inzektors .

If Inzektors cant decide between Card Car D, Trooper or Inzektor Sword Build.

Fuck this shit . I QUIT !

Perfect Herald  all the way bitch .

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tourney Report - My turn to lucksack

Chaos Dragons took YCS Philly and German WCQ Nationals .Year of the dragon is no joke . I decided to run Ninja Hieratics for a couple of reasons

1) How did Kenneth Koh went (11-1, I believe this was his score) with Ninja Hieratics during ACQ?
2) Most players do not side and have no idea what to side against Hieratics in Malaysia
3) My sideboard was anti - Inzektors
4) I did not want to lose to random mind control or getting my damsel taken away by monster reborn .
5) Ninja hieratics doesn't waste much energy thinking compared to Inzektors.
6) Hieratics Lesson 101 with God Sam .One day getting thrash by him turns you into a pro .No joke.Hand of Midas ! Kyde, where is rolling top dogs with Sam ?

Round 1
Game 1 :OTK
Game 2: OTK

Round 2
Lightlord (They still exist ...LOL)
Game 1: Started with Ninja Hanzo and set Super Art .He summoned lumina and when downhill from there.OTK next turn .
Game 2: Massive swarm but not enough to kill him off .He milled most of his Lighlords through double solar recharge .I summoned Koakimeru Dragon and 2 Judgement Dragons in his hand went on hibernation mode.

Round 3
Mike Inzektors
Refer his blog .

After Round 3, I was informed that God Sam has arrive in Gamers Arena after having won Viva Qualifiers on Saturday .All the sudden I felt like someone gave me a Divine Rapier .(DOTA Terms )

Round 4
Game 1 : Swarm and made into Gaia and Photon Bouncer .Somehow that was gameover
Game2 : Retarded Inzektor sword caught me by surprised again .
Game 3: I swarm and whack him till he left 700 Lifepoint and ended with one Photon Bouncer on the field .On his turn he summoned Inzektor Centipede and said 'EFFECT' .Trololololol. Took a hand grenade and throw it at his own self .

Round 5
Teoh Zhen Pei
Brother Zack is already seeded ,so he let me up .He managed to squeeze into Top 8 eventually because of tougher opponents he met like LGQ's situation last week .The beauty of Mantis system .

Swiss result : 3rd  =( 4-1

Top 8
Para-fbhbtrjjukhtrger (Dunno how to spell his name,sorry bro)
Game 1 :Bait veiler with Card Car D.Killed the game after a pro heavy storm and OTK .BLS was there to save the day if OTK failed .
Game 2: I think he oversided and I think that killed himself .I played cautiously and went for the otk when I had a hand to recover if I failed to kill off the game  .It wasn't enough and he Dark Hole the following turn .He had 400 Lifepoint left. I summoned asset and attack his Damsel and chain Forbidden Lance .Skill drain on stand by if Lance failed .

Top 4
00 The return of Osama from the dead !
Game 1: OTK as he had no Veiler
Game 2:  Half-OTK but he survived. I did not want to summon my BLS earlier to kill off the game fearing there was a Scarecrow in hand.Kept it in my hand to recover if my field blows up.He tried to Counter attack but misplayed .He had weak monster on the field with no backrow .Went for BLS ,knewing Scarecrow wont save him now . * Yes he had Scarecrow .Thank God I did not rush .

Izzat (Inzektors)
Game 1: He did shit and I did shit for few turns .He had a shit hand but I needed him to commit to the  field to turn my shit hand into a good hand .I went for Gaia and Bouncer and deal damage .I forgot how he cleared my field .I proceed by making Ancient Holy Wyvern with effect veiler and killed off the game with 6000+ attack .

Game 2: He drew nothing .He had a few backrow but I went on a swarm knowing that if he starts his Inzektors combo moving, it is too hard to recover .My atumus ate effect veiler , I chained book of moon brought out REDMD .REDMD 's effect ate another veiler ! I banish REDMD on field to summon another REDMD .Forgot how I won somehow .

Finally !

I am seriously confused how a control player like me scrub with Inzektor and won with a aggro deck .I usually get raped badly when I use aggro deck . Maybe my balls are growing bigger =) Good sign for the ladies .

Oh well miracles happens.

Thanks to Zack for lending me 2 Atumus since my copies was sold to Jeff and co. and my other set are lost somewhere in the jungles of Sarawak .Waiting for it to come anytime soon .

Now it is back to studying for me .No Diablo 3 for me =(


Shahmir , you emo bro?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling like Bayern Munich.

Ignore post below .If you watch Saturday's Champions League , then lets just say I did a Bayern Munich stun .
Round 1
Mike /Inzektors 00
Broken mind control.

Round 2 Sung Lee /Legendary Doppel Dandy 00
Mind games was a crucial factor against a good player like Sung Lee who represented our country for worlds 2 years back .I took Torrential tribute with pot of duality and set foolish burial as bluff and on the following turn I fake again with a set Pot of Duality face down. He wasted 2 MSTs and I knew my Torrential would be safe from all this random MST's later on.

Round 3 Allen / Gravekeeper 00 Game 1- I got fucked badly by my ex-ace card royal tribute but I made a remarkable comeback with heavy storm and dark hole .Thanks to Jeff for raping my Gravekeepers badly on duelingnetwork , I learned so much in those games .I am pretty sure I wouldn't had won this match if it wasn't for him.

Round 4 Ivan /Inzektor 0X0
Wiseman Chalice > Autonomous Action Device #Fact .

Round 5 Mun Keat/Inzektors with Swords
Having already qualified into single eli , Game 1 I had a Veiler in hand but opted not to use it as it will benefit me more later stages in single eli because I didn't really know how his deck works.It wasn't some ordinary Inzektors you netdeck from the Japan Tournaments. It had 3 Gigamantis , 3 Inzektors Swords , 2 Maxx C , Trago .Game 2 ,I did not side in any of my regular inzektor sidedeck but I decided to test out Max C (First match I sided in Maxx C).Lesson learned Maxx C sucks .
Swiss Round : 1st

Single Eli. Cut to Top 8 (What a Joke)

Mike X0X Revenge on me.
Game 1: I opened with card car D,drew 1 Centipede and 1 Hornet (Hand:2 Card Car D,Lady Bug,2 Dragonfly and 1 Centipede).Next turn ,used Card car D drew 2 Inzektor Hornets .Two turns later he had monster reborn , mind control , autonomous and a fucking dark armed .Its like he is Obama and I am Osama and we are standing face to face.He took a Bazooka to kill me .
Game 2: I wasted 20 minutes plus on my turn turn to perform a OTK with a crap hand .Did not kill him but leaving him with 700 LP was good enough with a crap hand .
Game 3: Knew bluffing him was going to be a bad idea as he knows how to read all my bluffs because we train 4 hours plus on certain nights . I had a decent hand and all the sudden one bloody Mind Control came out of the blue for final blow .Monster Reborn and Mind Control is seriously too fucking broken.

There are some matches you can't avoid losing and this is one of them .Having Mind Control or Monster Reborn in your hand before your opponent does, it is almost certain you are going to win .Well next week is going to be a lot harder if Malaysian God Sam joins .I am pretty sure he wants to match Gallileo record of going to worlds for the third time . No idea why it was cut to TOP 8 since it was only 20-22 players .Last year , we had 30+ players and it was cut to TOP 4 .Honestly ,I wasn't really happy cause it does not make any sense .Disgusting indeed .Yes I am going to bitch here how inconsistent the way the tournaments are handled.

 Card Car D > Card Trooper #YourCardTrooperIsGoingToDoShitVsHieratics! #Fact

Congrats to LGQ on winning .His final game was epic when he showed Mike .. Forbidden Lance ..

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Deleting off everything and blog by next week. Our Yugioh scene is getting more pathetic. ByeBye .