Sunday, September 16, 2012


Went to Singapore .Got pawned like a fucking dog.The match wasn't that bad but in game 3 , dog was the best term I felt at the moment . Trust me , Singaporeans are totally a whole different level .

That was really an eye opener .So many stuff and combo I saw.
 1) Malaysia's mermail fail. I have never saw any of us using them the way SG does.
 2) We have not seen any top hero beat player in MAS since Wong Fei Hung .That was fucking long ago .
 3) Bringing promo back ? We have not played promo since 2009 .Oh yes 3years TKR was stuck in album.

Made lots of money selling junk and Singapore cards are no longer cheaper than Malaysia and in fact they are more expensive than ours .

Looking at Baha and Xiam Mei's hero beat rarity , I think you could actually masturbate to it  .Goodness.

Tired to write anymore .Too much happened in Singapore after we left Marymount .The shit that happened could even be made into a movie like Hangover 3.I arrived home as in Johor from Singapore at 4am .Just imagine how much shit happened from 11 pm to 4am .

Thanks to the guys for the warm welcome especially Wesley Seek and co. Congrats to Sazabi team for winning =)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The mega awesome superb intensive harcore training

If all goes well this 14th September 2012, I will heading down to Singapore , the mother of all asia ocg land with my noob partner in crime Amir and a bunch of friends .The main purpose is to have a look at Singapore 's meta and their amazing pro techs they have . Hopefully it will benefit us in our upcoming team tournament this October .

Amir and me have been working day and night training a variety of techs to a point I have the Dueling Network intro music ringing in my head when I sleep . We have our decks ready but I feel neither of us are anywhere near Singapore standard at the moment .

Joining Singapore tournament is going to be a challenge for both of us as it is like taking a Kancil to race with 20 plus Nissan Skylines .LOL. Forgot to mention , my friend needs a staircase to emo at when he scrubs and thank god the staircases in Dhoby Ghaut are fucking huge.

I can't wait to meet everyone there such as my GODS ,SAM and JEFF ! I never got a chance to witness Jeff 's divine hero beat in action = (partly I am not worthy to play against such divine decks.

I am going sign off now .ICAEW exams this Monday and Tuesday.

Ciao. Can anyone  lend me Dolkka for tournament ? =)