Monday, May 28, 2012

Tourney Report - My turn to lucksack

Chaos Dragons took YCS Philly and German WCQ Nationals .Year of the dragon is no joke . I decided to run Ninja Hieratics for a couple of reasons

1) How did Kenneth Koh went (11-1, I believe this was his score) with Ninja Hieratics during ACQ?
2) Most players do not side and have no idea what to side against Hieratics in Malaysia
3) My sideboard was anti - Inzektors
4) I did not want to lose to random mind control or getting my damsel taken away by monster reborn .
5) Ninja hieratics doesn't waste much energy thinking compared to Inzektors.
6) Hieratics Lesson 101 with God Sam .One day getting thrash by him turns you into a pro .No joke.Hand of Midas ! Kyde, where is rolling top dogs with Sam ?

Round 1
Game 1 :OTK
Game 2: OTK

Round 2
Lightlord (They still exist ...LOL)
Game 1: Started with Ninja Hanzo and set Super Art .He summoned lumina and when downhill from there.OTK next turn .
Game 2: Massive swarm but not enough to kill him off .He milled most of his Lighlords through double solar recharge .I summoned Koakimeru Dragon and 2 Judgement Dragons in his hand went on hibernation mode.

Round 3
Mike Inzektors
Refer his blog .

After Round 3, I was informed that God Sam has arrive in Gamers Arena after having won Viva Qualifiers on Saturday .All the sudden I felt like someone gave me a Divine Rapier .(DOTA Terms )

Round 4
Game 1 : Swarm and made into Gaia and Photon Bouncer .Somehow that was gameover
Game2 : Retarded Inzektor sword caught me by surprised again .
Game 3: I swarm and whack him till he left 700 Lifepoint and ended with one Photon Bouncer on the field .On his turn he summoned Inzektor Centipede and said 'EFFECT' .Trololololol. Took a hand grenade and throw it at his own self .

Round 5
Teoh Zhen Pei
Brother Zack is already seeded ,so he let me up .He managed to squeeze into Top 8 eventually because of tougher opponents he met like LGQ's situation last week .The beauty of Mantis system .

Swiss result : 3rd  =( 4-1

Top 8
Para-fbhbtrjjukhtrger (Dunno how to spell his name,sorry bro)
Game 1 :Bait veiler with Card Car D.Killed the game after a pro heavy storm and OTK .BLS was there to save the day if OTK failed .
Game 2: I think he oversided and I think that killed himself .I played cautiously and went for the otk when I had a hand to recover if I failed to kill off the game  .It wasn't enough and he Dark Hole the following turn .He had 400 Lifepoint left. I summoned asset and attack his Damsel and chain Forbidden Lance .Skill drain on stand by if Lance failed .

Top 4
00 The return of Osama from the dead !
Game 1: OTK as he had no Veiler
Game 2:  Half-OTK but he survived. I did not want to summon my BLS earlier to kill off the game fearing there was a Scarecrow in hand.Kept it in my hand to recover if my field blows up.He tried to Counter attack but misplayed .He had weak monster on the field with no backrow .Went for BLS ,knewing Scarecrow wont save him now . * Yes he had Scarecrow .Thank God I did not rush .

Izzat (Inzektors)
Game 1: He did shit and I did shit for few turns .He had a shit hand but I needed him to commit to the  field to turn my shit hand into a good hand .I went for Gaia and Bouncer and deal damage .I forgot how he cleared my field .I proceed by making Ancient Holy Wyvern with effect veiler and killed off the game with 6000+ attack .

Game 2: He drew nothing .He had a few backrow but I went on a swarm knowing that if he starts his Inzektors combo moving, it is too hard to recover .My atumus ate effect veiler , I chained book of moon brought out REDMD .REDMD 's effect ate another veiler ! I banish REDMD on field to summon another REDMD .Forgot how I won somehow .

Finally !

I am seriously confused how a control player like me scrub with Inzektor and won with a aggro deck .I usually get raped badly when I use aggro deck . Maybe my balls are growing bigger =) Good sign for the ladies .

Oh well miracles happens.

Thanks to Zack for lending me 2 Atumus since my copies was sold to Jeff and co. and my other set are lost somewhere in the jungles of Sarawak .Waiting for it to come anytime soon .

Now it is back to studying for me .No Diablo 3 for me =(


Shahmir , you emo bro?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling like Bayern Munich.

Ignore post below .If you watch Saturday's Champions League , then lets just say I did a Bayern Munich stun .
Round 1
Mike /Inzektors 00
Broken mind control.

Round 2 Sung Lee /Legendary Doppel Dandy 00
Mind games was a crucial factor against a good player like Sung Lee who represented our country for worlds 2 years back .I took Torrential tribute with pot of duality and set foolish burial as bluff and on the following turn I fake again with a set Pot of Duality face down. He wasted 2 MSTs and I knew my Torrential would be safe from all this random MST's later on.

Round 3 Allen / Gravekeeper 00 Game 1- I got fucked badly by my ex-ace card royal tribute but I made a remarkable comeback with heavy storm and dark hole .Thanks to Jeff for raping my Gravekeepers badly on duelingnetwork , I learned so much in those games .I am pretty sure I wouldn't had won this match if it wasn't for him.

Round 4 Ivan /Inzektor 0X0
Wiseman Chalice > Autonomous Action Device #Fact .

Round 5 Mun Keat/Inzektors with Swords
Having already qualified into single eli , Game 1 I had a Veiler in hand but opted not to use it as it will benefit me more later stages in single eli because I didn't really know how his deck works.It wasn't some ordinary Inzektors you netdeck from the Japan Tournaments. It had 3 Gigamantis , 3 Inzektors Swords , 2 Maxx C , Trago .Game 2 ,I did not side in any of my regular inzektor sidedeck but I decided to test out Max C (First match I sided in Maxx C).Lesson learned Maxx C sucks .
Swiss Round : 1st

Single Eli. Cut to Top 8 (What a Joke)

Mike X0X Revenge on me.
Game 1: I opened with card car D,drew 1 Centipede and 1 Hornet (Hand:2 Card Car D,Lady Bug,2 Dragonfly and 1 Centipede).Next turn ,used Card car D drew 2 Inzektor Hornets .Two turns later he had monster reborn , mind control , autonomous and a fucking dark armed .Its like he is Obama and I am Osama and we are standing face to face.He took a Bazooka to kill me .
Game 2: I wasted 20 minutes plus on my turn turn to perform a OTK with a crap hand .Did not kill him but leaving him with 700 LP was good enough with a crap hand .
Game 3: Knew bluffing him was going to be a bad idea as he knows how to read all my bluffs because we train 4 hours plus on certain nights . I had a decent hand and all the sudden one bloody Mind Control came out of the blue for final blow .Monster Reborn and Mind Control is seriously too fucking broken.

There are some matches you can't avoid losing and this is one of them .Having Mind Control or Monster Reborn in your hand before your opponent does, it is almost certain you are going to win .Well next week is going to be a lot harder if Malaysian God Sam joins .I am pretty sure he wants to match Gallileo record of going to worlds for the third time . No idea why it was cut to TOP 8 since it was only 20-22 players .Last year , we had 30+ players and it was cut to TOP 4 .Honestly ,I wasn't really happy cause it does not make any sense .Disgusting indeed .Yes I am going to bitch here how inconsistent the way the tournaments are handled.

 Card Car D > Card Trooper #YourCardTrooperIsGoingToDoShitVsHieratics! #Fact

Congrats to LGQ on winning .His final game was epic when he showed Mike .. Forbidden Lance ..