Friday, November 30, 2012

Last update before Asia +

I swear to god I will quit yugioh if I meet


in all my swiss round games.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top Shop Report

Had a slot given to me but I decided not to go cause

Topshop is a waste of time .


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where is Hong Kong?

 It is Meet Your Malaysians. Gosh .

Can you guys don't think so dirty like seriously? Why whould I wanna mate your mama ?(Coming from the guy who created the team)

Basically in top 16,
  1. Team Dark Night - Soo Wing Soon , Ong Teck Jen , Shin Weng Ken 
  2. Team MYM - Zack Teoh , Shahmir Roshidi , Andrew Ng  
  3. Team skyPier - Vilry Mun , Chin Ka Fui , Ng Wai Loong
  4. Team Dark Stallion - Sean Cheong , Muhammad Izzat , K'yde Ren
  5. Team TFK Kaki - Mohd Aliff, Masrur Nazim, Azrul Mustafa
  6. Team CAN - Choong Zhuo Liong, Allen Chiew, Lee Siao Sian 
  7. Team GQ - Lim Guo Quan, Yap Choon Zian, Sunny Tat 

  8. Team MY - Tan Sung Lee, Yap Wei Keong, Chen Yau Sin
were paired with the top 8 qualified from swiss round on the day with No.1 from above playing against No.1 from the swiss. Therefore the lower teams basically had easier matchups. Therefore with us being paired with No.2 team from swiss , kick off our day with a hard pairing .

Leader:Zack ( Mermail)
A: Me(Hero Beat)
B:Sohai ( Wind -Up)

TOP 16 : Countdown
 G1:Spatial collapse caught me offguard which made it hard for me to shock ruler .After 20turns ,FML
 G2:Early shockruler naming magic since naming traps is useless.Pulled a Exacalibur and Miracle Fusion into shinning and pushed for game .
 G3:Night shoot here and there .Had 2 Heroes on the field and pulled Stratos from grave destroying 2 facedown at his endphase .Entered sudden death , he had 3800 LP and I had 7000.Shahmir and Zack had already won their matches .Basically that game, I was winning anyway .

Team Score -3-0

TOP 8 : Rabbit Laggia
G1 : He open Laggia with 2 backrows.I saw my opening hand with Super Poly in hand .The moment he saw I played with Emergancy Call ,he knew this is gonna a bad matchup for him .Did a Nova and kept hitting him .He summoned an Acid Golem and got rid of my Nova eventually .Eventually I summoned Gorz and stall from there with a 3000 def token .2000 BURN !
G2 : He drew 2 puppet plant with a cosmos and d fissure .Fail .

Team Score - 2-1

In top 4 , leaders went up to pick 1 out of 4 cards where teams with same cards will play each other to avoid ANY SHIT CONTROVERSY  WHICH HAPPENED IN THE PAST and to encourage FAIR PLAY !

TOP 4 : Dark World
0X -Discontinued
G1: Easy control
G2 : Dark Smog bitching my grave .Managed to push but Grapha army proved too powerful with luck.
G3: Both team mates won .

TOP 2: Hero Beat
Stack is the word. I have put in so much effort in this deck to know I would not start a hand with no monsters and to go on from there not drawing any monsters for 7 turns later. My hero beat has a higher monster count as compared to other players and I often draw too many monsters in  my hand which was my problem before the tournament .How is it possible in game 2 , I reduce more traps for additional monsters and not drawing any of them ? Bad Luck ? Am I being a sore loser? Yes maybe but karma just hit you and


Other than that , players behind me were making fucking shit noises behind .This is the sickening part .There was a point I was just gonna mindfuck my opponent with a silly move and yet tricky one and someone goes 'What a bad hand Andrew has ' in Cantonese. He totally destroyed any mind games tricks I could have possibly done .

I was told never to interfere with anything I saw being played wrongly in tournaments if you are a watcher .So why were there players interfering my match ? My opponent was clearly ok with it till that guy stepped in. I have respected your match in the past and I suggest you do the same to mine .

So how did I prepare for this event ?
1) Trip to Singapore made a big difference
2) Constantly playing team deck on dueling network. Fuck your rating .Which is more important? Rating vs Nationals?
3) Hand shuffle everyday cause it makes my hand card more awesome.
4) Sleep early but with Shahmir's snoring , it is deemed impossible.
5) Help from Singapore friends.
6) Do not read TCG articles cause they are playing very retarded-ly at the moment .


Jeff , I shall not add anything here cause he will fuck me up =(
Team KOI - Bixuan and I are gonna spend some quality moments together in HK .Lemon Party in HK (Those who don't know lemon party , please google it out)
Mike being my punching bag with hero beat mirrors.
Team Ragnarok (DN Team)-Coolchemist , Roniwan and Vic !
Karlo from Phili .
Yung Kang for taking all sorts of meta decks to play with me and he ended up playing hero on the main event.
Joshua for being a retarded judge and wasting space on the main event .
Sam for being Sam and my idol .
You for reading my retarded post and for reading up to here .

Last but not least, this is my final post for the year and possibly forever .I lost interest in blogging as I see no reason to blog too.


Hand shuffling does not make your hand cards better !