Sunday, December 30, 2012

Penang Open 2012

Too lazy to write my Asia +Championship Day 2 and 3

Deck Used : Verz

Round 1 Laval

Round 2 Verz (Wei Yan/Versusmmgal)

Round 3 Windup

Round 4 Verz

Top 4 Weird Heroes

I no money to own a Stardust Dragon therefore I lost in TOP 4 because I was a pro to play starlight road without Stardust Dragon .

Moral of the story : Never watch football while making your deck .

I will jump from Verz to Sacred cause I saw the weakness of Verz after analyzing 6th Testsu Championship .
The answer is quite obvious in J-Speed's deck .

According to Dicky , I just received a whooping 40+ points for ranking based on this tournament .

Bye .



  1. Thats why I no longer scrub to WindUps =)

  2. Me noob too.

    I made Top 8 in a regional with a Starlight Road main forgetting Stardust in Extra ... Funny thing was I never activated Starlight Road as often as on this day and I even would have won my top 8 match :/

    So I feel ya.

  3. High five man .

    Well it is not a life and death game .So I am actually kinda laughing at it .